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December 27, 2020

The outfits you chose for your senior portraits are so important! I always suggest that girls go out and buy a few new pieces for their photos because it makes it that much more fun and special. I often get asked “Where do you recommend looking for outfits” and that’s such a good question. Truth be told; there are a zillion places to check out and quite a few places to avoid! Here is my list of favorite places to shop for senior photo outfits. Plus read until the end to learn where you should stay away from!

1.) Free People

Whenever my seniors show up in Free People, I do a little happy dance. Not only do they have the basics; Doc Martens, Levis, and great statement jewelry. They have very unique statement pieces that bring your portraits to life. This is the perfect shop for someone looking for a unique outfit and maybe a basic outfit. There are only a select handful of girls who I have photographed wearing Free People, so it’s unlikely you will see someone wearing the same outfit as you!

My favorites at Free People: Patterned pants, statement jewelry, wide-brim hats, and flowy basics.

2.) Urban Outfitters

My second favorite store for senior photo outfits is Urban Outfitters. Yes, a lot of people shop here, however, they have a wide variety of inventory, I very rarely see girls wearing the same pieces from Urban! I love their jeans, dresses, and jewelry. Urban Outfitters is perfect for girls looking for a more city look as well as a second location in nature. Urban makes beautiful dresses that make them perfect that a summer sunset session.

3.) Altar’d State

This place is GREAT for senior photos. Like it’s a goldmine of amazing pieces that all photograph SO well. It’s perfect for gals looking for something chic, classic, but with an urban flair. I love their flare jeans, their wide-brimmed hats, and their cute shift dresses! They also have adorable booties! The only downside to Altar’d State is many girls go there to get their senior photo outfits so you might come across a classmate wearing the same dress. But totally worth checking out!

4.) Your Local Thrift Store

The last place I highly recommend stopping by is the thrift store! This is a great way to shop sustainably but also shop for unique pieces. I suggest going retail for basics, and vintage for unique finds. This is also great for girls who don’t want to fork over an arm and a leg for their outfits. Trust me, I’m right there with you. I have found so many amazing pieces at the thrift store including Reeboks, belts, and unique jewelry. The thrift store is a great place to add the final touches to your outfits!

Honorable Mention: Doc Martens

Doc Marten holds a special place in my heart. I love when girls wear Docs to their sessions. If you don’t own a pair of Docs. INVEST! YOU WON”T REGRET IT. But be sure to break them in good before your session otherwise you will be miserable.

And here you have it. My favorite places to shop when shopping for senior photos!

Xoxo, Em

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