Super 8 is a motion picture format created in the 1960s. It looks like an old-school and vintage home video. The video is recorded on a film spool, unlike digital videos. The cameras themselves look like this ↓

The camera only records video. So expect the only audio present to be music or additional audio supplied by clients (for example, AftertheTone audio, etc.) 

The Super 8 video add-on is best suited for clients who are looking for a non-traditional video. Clients who opt for Super 8 typically do not have a videographer. Super 8 does not replace a wedding video or a videographer, but it is a good alternative for those looking for something a little different & eclectic. Super 8 is tailored more towards the beginning portion of your day and it doesn't handle low-light the best. It serves as brief highlight of your wedding day, it does not showcase every moment of your day. Digital photographs will always be prioritized during important moments (first kiss, etc.)

frequently asked questions

01. How long is the final video?

A 30-60 cut video is promised but clients typically receive 1-2 minutes of cut footage.

02. What is included in the add-on? 

A 30-60 cut video with and without music. The full uncut video is also included. The "RAW" video is the only "RAW" media I provide. I do not provide RAW photographs. 

03. How does the music/audio work?

Licensed music is included in the final video. Clients are also supplied the cut video without music should they choose to overlay a different song. If clients would like other audio worked in, such as an audio quest book, clients may provide that, however, added audio is not guaranteed.

04. Can we hire you for just Super 8?

At this time I do not offer Super 8 as a stand-alone service. It is only an add-on for clients who have photography coverage booked with me.

05. Do you offer any other video?

I do not offer any other video services at this time.

06. How is it different than film?

Film photos are photographs and Super 8 is a moving video. They offer similar aesthetics but are different mediums!